Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Just Sitting On My Art

It's nearly midnight and I'm sitting on the floor of my studio folding 150 glassine paper envelopes for 150 signed, numbered copies of my limited edition photographic print, Study For Modern Strategies For Survival : Resized For Mass Consumption.
The glassine is almost transparent so the image will be just visible within, along with a printed sheet that explains the relationship between the photographic study and the large enamel paintings inspired by a 2001 expedition to Lake Eyre, particularly Bird Of Prey, from the Lake Eyre On Acid series, which is being auctioned by Deutscher-Menzies in Sydney, tomorrow evening.
Tomorrow morning, I'll pack the small packets into a box and deliver them to Menzies Art Brands, where I'll meet with the National Operations Manager, John Keats, and supervise the ushers as they place a packet on every seat in the auction room so that they might be taken home by those who come to bid – hopefully for one or all of the three works of mine included in the evening's sales.
The give-away is an extension of what I'm doing here on the blog. As well as being an unusual way of saying thank you for what's been a wild – and wildly successful – two or three years, it's an unprecedented opportunity for self-promotion in an unexpected context. It also happens to mesh with my committed independence of the traditional gallery system as well as some residue of youthful socialist ideals.


Rachelm said...

Sounds great. Good Luck tomorrow!

Anthony said...

Rock star. The power of 'free' is something that's under-used in our world today. Because it's not really free at all... it requires the receiver to acknowledge and be gracious... things we are taught to avoid with the entitlement that comes with money in our society.

More to the point for art... free art makes the viewer acknowledge and be gracious for the beauty given so unexpectedly. Since we are taught to hate ourselves, free art can be frightening because it makes us acknowledge how much we deserve (but are not entitled to) beauty.

Bobby Shen said...

After I bought a small photo of yours you sent me a complimentary photograph in the New Year. Really appreciated the touch, it really is a powerful gesture :)